November 9, 2018

Our Team



Dan Madison is a principal in Value Creation Partners, an organizational consulting and training firm. He focuses on helping clients increase value through operational improvement, organizational redesign, cost reduction, and strategic planning.

His clients have realized dramatic results. For example, The City of San Jose Public Works Department was able to cut processing time on a grading permit from 21 days to 5 days while increasing customer service. The redesigned processes in the Development Services Department have been able to successfully accommodate twice as many permit applications without having to add to the existing staffing levels (In other words, productivity has doubled). Alcatel Comptech reduced the time to respond to a quote from 10 days to 5 days. ADP was able to reduce the number of process steps from 131 to 71 and cycle time went from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. The City of Stockton reduced the expenses on landscape maintenance by 40 percent. Union Street Glass, through a cost of quality audit, developed a gain sharing and quality program which reduced the number of manufactured “seconds” from 25 percent to 7 percent.

His intensive two-day seminars on process reengineering and lean techniques have been well received. Topics include process flow charting, eliminating waste, kaizen teams, fast cycle time, and process design principles. A partial list of companies that have attended his seminars include IBM, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Logitech, American Telephone and Telegraph, Pacific Gas and Electric, Pac Tel Cellular, Johnson Controls, Smart and Final, IHOP, Argus Data Security, Shakey’s Pizza, and Physician Community Hospital.

Dan regularly teaches courses on Analyzing and Improving Office and Service Operations, Process Metrics, Management, and Controls, Master Clinic on Solving Tough Problems, and Process Mapping and Process Improvement through the University of Saskatchewan and Simon Fraser University.

He is the author of Process Mapping, Process Improvement, and Process Management, published by Paton Press. For six years, Dan’s book has been consistently rated #1 on in process mapping and process management, and #2 in process improvement.  Dan was one of the contributing authors for the Association Professional Business Process Management Professionals Common Body of Knowledge. He regularly presents at the Gartner Business Process Management Conference on a variety of process improvement topics.

Prior to his current activities, Dan was a professional money manager, interviewed over 100 corporate officers (CEO’s and CFO’s) of the Fortune 500, and extensively analyzed hundreds of publicly held companies. He has an MBA in Finance (with honors) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Dan received his Lean Office Certificate from the University of Michigan.


Jerry Talley is an associate with Value Creation Partners. He founded Organizational Diagnostics, a Bay Area firm specializing in assessing and resolving organizational problems. Over the years, he worked with over 150 firms, gaining intimate knowledge of visioning, strategic planning, and the problems of implementation. Currently, Jerry’s consulting focuses on organizational problem solving, strategic planning, and work process design.

Jerry’s consulting career began in 1975, and overlapped with his fifteen years on the faculty of Stanford University’s Department of Sociology. Stanford was also the source of his Ph.D. He continues to lecture widely on organizational issues. He currently holds an Adjunct Faculty position in the School of Education.

His consulting work is a blend of his facility with data analysis, systems analysis, and working with people.

To learn more about Jerry Talley’s consulting expertise, visit his web site


Sharon Shoemaker, founder of Fast Break Consulting, has more than 20 years experience consulting to or managing in business organizations. With her broad background in Human Resources and Organizational Development working both inside corporations and as consultant she is expert at utilizing the levers of change to augment and amplify process improvement activities. These levers include performance management, job redesign, performance based curriculum design, workforce engagement, and leadership and team development. She has extensive experience managing change on a variety of technology implementations utilizes process improvements in order to increase the return on technology investments.

As an advanced facilitator for the Interpersonal Dynamics Course at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Ms. Shoemaker has coached MBA students in the practice of authentic communication and influence skills.

The name Fast Break Consulting expresses Ms. Shoemaker’s vision for the work she does and is drawn from her lifelong passion for basketball. In basketball, fast breaks require a clear strategy and superb execution, two components essential to high performance in business.

She has worked inside a variety of organizational environments including KLA-Tencor, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Raytheon Company, and Gould Electronics Group. She has consulted to such diverse companies as Genentech, Intuit, HP, Jossey Bass Publishing, Netscape, Oracle, Shaklee Corporation and State Fund.


Vic is an expert on the application of recent advances in CAD based BPA/BPM tools. These tools enable executive teams to redesign and implement improved company wide end-to-end processes that have been determined in advance of implementation to work and have the capacity to produce the planned benefits.

Vic has over 30 years experience helping companies develop and implement innovative business practices enabled by use of IT. With his background in innovation management, he is experienced in reengineering core business practices, cascading strategy into effective practice, and building team commitment to making desirable changes work.

He headed the Strategic Planning unit in the Information and Computing Division of Royal Dutch Shell. From Amsterdam, he specialized in leading operating company management teams around the world through the process of identifying and implementing strategic and tactical business process redesign. At Unilever he played a similar role, assisting company executive teams to conceive, test and implement business changes to meet competitive threats from market and technology shifts.

Vic began his career as a business strategy consultant at SRI International, Menlo Park, California. Before leaving for Shell, he led SRI’s Business Futures Group, which provided strategy analysis for business and government long range plans. There he focused on incorporating an integrated view of social, economic, political and technological trends into executive planning.

Vic holds a PhD in innovation management from Stanford, an MA in educational policy and administration from Stanford, an MA in educational psychology from the University of Washington and a BA in epistemology from Seattle University.